domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

3rd Month..

I feel grateful! I decided write this post in English.. Why? Because a big part of this happiness is because this people who shared with me their cultures, languages, foods, wishes, dreams, time, life..
I have to warn you that my english sucks! but i will do my best..
I'm know now that friendship, love, have no frontiers, no limits, no colour or religion.
This people show me the most important things in this life.. You have your family, your house, your pets and friends in a place far away from here that you called "home".. But wherever you go, your heart will give you friends, love, experience, peace.. And where you find all of that, that will be your home. It doesn't matter how much lesse throw your family, they always will be there when you come back.
It doesn't matter how many things you have, you'll find out all you need to fit in a backpack.
And all you think about life is reduced to "today".. you know nothing about tomorrow, and the past is past.
You'll always find some people that will make you feel alive, happy, and you'll never be alone.
So.. This post is to say THANK YOU!! to all the people who joined me in this adventure so far.. the tomatoes army, a family will live forever in my heart. And all those memories, funny moments we shared together!
I learned from this people that you should never say goodbye.. Only "see you soon, friend. I wish you the best on your trip"
"Life is now."

~ Carpe Diem ~

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